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23.04.2011 Bp. first class Voyage - III. Kerület TUE UPE match report




Budapest first class, round  23.

23.april  saturday19:00

 attendance: 150




Half time : 1 - 1 Adress : Budafok , Promontor u. Final score : 1 - 1

  A 23. round Voyage SE – III. Kerület TUE UPE score sheet


we met the circumference's team two times. We understand a result not decided with both occasions against them. Than known in Budapest Kupa 3 - 3 latvians , and the result was just score draw only on the today's day less gólókkal.
The big sport with past providing
( through more years NB III. ) team turned out two times rather to surprise. We are on our way in the interest of the achievement of the noble aims very much.
On a Wednesday Budapest in a cup may flash our virtues , since we can take a uniform, conscious game onto the orbit.

And now from the match :


1. minute : What we started the meeting.

4. minute : Visegrád one it is cut up. We amounted to the free kick to the side , but the submission got behind the gate.

6. minute : 15 of our guests' No. players Podolski kicked away the ball towards the better underwear because of the baseline instead of submission onto 5 metres, but did not manage to cheat our big goalkeeper.

8. minute : The circumference gets into a situation through Horváth again , but his shooting leaves it for 2 metres because of the stem of the better goalpost away the playground.

10. minute : Dollner flees leaving everybody on the right side, at a wooden picture , but his submission seeming the cunning one was rolling on the upper plank throughout.

15. minute : Plough from twenty-five metres his goalkeeper releases a bomb but the circumference on his place was.

18. minute : Lure - after a cutting interplay on the penalty area inside fired off a ball, our goalkeeper confidently caught it.

21. minute : Virok from a freeing the own one does not stop getting underway from his half until the gate, and scores our driving goal.
1 - 0
23. minute : We may not have been glad about the leadership for a long time , because the circumference, a  from left side are enormous from throw-in , after some turmoil , the ball leaking down before the gate Böde shoots it our gate.

1 - 1
There were enormous fights until the 40. minute because of the 25. minute , some on the midfield than before both gates.

43. minute : Dollinger Virok interplay. Three people oppress our aggressor before the penalty area , but was able to kick away the ball towards a gate after all. The case was rather opinion , but nothing was from him.
49. minute : Tailor in front of Horváth doing freely serves up , but we look for his ball fired off by the circumference's player even now.

52. minute : From Horváth new one in an action. Can go away towards the gate beside forward one but from big new one on the height of the situation our gate.

80. minute : Situations were formed from new one after the skirmishes happening on the midfield before the gates henceforth.
85. minute : Seyadali onto 16 metres because of the gate the not his ball hit really well, the goalkeeper almost protected, but he was lucky dared hardly only but was able to postpone the plaything to a corner.

86. minute : The circumference is his protection under a pressure. Our protruding forward quasi sure, that the circumference's goalkeeper ran over it, but the refereeing did not see it so, and we received a corner only.

89. minute : The match ends with a right side district corner, because the Nagy kicked in a ball into the field punches it.


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