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Budapest Cup Final FFC - Voyage SE 27.04.2011











1. minute: Voyage SE team started the match

4. minute: From a left we do a throw-in. Seyedali kapu turns towards it but unfortunately kb 5.meter the ball leaves it because of the gate the playground.

6. minute: Nagy Csaba initiates it Bágyát but the launch turned out longer with a thought, it was FFC goalkeeper on a gap though, and on the penalty area belűl grabs hold of the ball.
19. minute: We may have done a free kick from the left. Dollinger shot labdájáraa Nagy Csaba arrives and heads the ball to it onto the upper plank, but the assistant pulled ambush in.

20. minute: It FFC-and from before a cutting dancer coming to the ball of the right handed in laterally in the good beat Nagy Szilveszter into the field punches it the plaything.

22. minute: After a modern beautiful interplay Ubrankovics 20 meters fires off the ball but two leave it for a metre beside that goalpost away the playground.
30. minute: Komárom hands in the ball , but our defenders assisted in a shepherd's goal only.

                                                                                       1 – 0

31. minute: Fradi comes again. To a cutting dancer playful , Komáromi  though from 16 metres tries to hit the gate, but Nagy catches the very weak experiment easily.

32. minute: Left-wing to a free kick we manage to get from beside the sideline because of the gate onto some forty metres. His strength lost ball subsides in Nagyjános hand.
34. minute: A beautiful one is ball bringing out. Paholics , Seyedali, Bágya after an interplay Virok protrusion it FFC defender in the last moment to save can onto a corner.

39. minute Virok parades. Bágya the gently passed ball elöszőr transferred above the defender, cheating the goalkeeper then kiegyenlit.

                                                                                     1 – 1

42. minute: Virok steals Bágya ball but broke the ball in a promising situation very much unfortunately.

45. minute: The referee ended the first half-time.
47. minute: Dollinger his chopping is going on longer. Two got caught on a man before his sixteen line, and it plops got for land to his face. The game stood until two minutes.

55.perc : FFC throw-in. Than sizable one cutting on a match repeatedly already produces a throw, and the shepherd arriving in the good beat distorts the truth towards the gate, and our goalkeeper clears jumping ahead.

59. minute: Dollinger Voyage players Fradi defenders put it onto a floor. We had to execute a forced exchange.
65. minute: A shepherd brings 88 Lőrinc playing with my mouth into a game. Our protection consists of new one in an eye with the solution of the problem, of which the aggressor takes advantage relentlessly, unfortunately and devotes the match to their own side.

                                                                                 2 – 1

68.perc: Seyedali onto 20 metres onto shooting because of the gate gave his foot a push , and above the upper plank quasi ½ the ball is found with a metre beyond the orbit.
74. minute : In a superb situation after many collisions and a trick Kiener from the penalty area towards the lower pole of the better goalpost takes aim what the goalkeeper shifts upon a side jumping.
85. minute: A shooting appearing harmless from Lőrinc részéről that being condensed above our goalkeeper into the net is cut.

                                                                                 3 -1

87. minute : We do not give it up so easily. Kiener brings Bágya ball into the net.
90. minute: The utólsó is our opportunity in order for us to bring the match onto an ex. Visegrád from 35 metres his done free kick subsides in the mass.

The referee prolongs 2 minutes. Fradi though using the exchange got it opportunities, beautiful one are exchanged slowly two, and the match ended.
                   Trainer declaration after Budapest's Kupa Döntő , from Bajnóczi Tamás.

Was disappearing so on the today's day, that our adversary a fate turning Budapest Kupa played a deciding match, we only a Wednesday we came to afternoon football.
The dynamics were missing from our game although we hid the ball very attractively from time to time on the midfield, from the heads it is the determination though that we want to take this cup home. I did not get used to an attitude like this from the team, I am sorry for those who went visiting because of us onto Csepel very much and this was got in exchange for their support.
I saw in such a way that it is FFC very much was afraid of us in the first part of the match, since it was known, that (normally) what kind of playing strength we represent.
We surprised them presumably this deducts nothing from their performance with our inferior enthusiasm, despite this, since they wanted something and today at least this was enough perfectly it, that themselves are written in the history book of the Budapest football.
voyage-logo.jpg 35. Budapest Cup final voyage-logo.jpg

Became definitive, that the Csepel's stadium will be the site of 2010/2011 Budapest Kupa final similarly to the past year.

Into the current finale in BLSZ I class character Voyage band and BLSZ II/the present head of the poll of 2 classes, Ferencváros FC were found.

They initiated a winner in 1977 first in Budapest Kupa. You are the team that wins five times in string three times in the sense of the publication there will be a winner, it may hold the goblet finally.
RAFC guard managed to do this only till now, they won in 1985, 1986 and 1987 in the final.
Újbuda TC finished in the past year on the edge, and proved to be right at that Ferencváros FC in the final, that may play one deciding this year.

Eleven kicks decided the fate of the cup in 2010.
The rule it, eleven kicks follow if the meeting ends in the one not decided in the normal playing time. The winner may protect the cup until a year.
Other required informations :

The fans are not allowed to drive up with a car onto the stadium's area.

Our association's leadership with cars with passed registration number it's possible the tuck to Csepel Stadion headquarters.

Budapest Kupa ticket price : 500 forints

Some 30 head police insurances will be present on the program counting as the emphasized match.
Bajnóczi Tamás is the declaration of the cup
before a final for Voyage SE trainer.

Wednesday Budapest Kupa has deciding emphasized importance in Voyage SE life, since we are in the gate of the largest success of our story until now. We work to be allowed to enter on this gate because of the beginning of the preparation.

Our adversary young, agile team, who valiantly, compromise not sufferer they play with a legendary fan behind their back. They experienced the mood of the cup final already in the last year's year, they were left almost only then down from the victory, they are heading with strength doubled apparently onto second attempt so it to win the trophy over.
In the course of the cup fights two BLSZ I class they bade farewell to a team, BLSZ II in a class though since the second turning unbeaten and the league table is guided certainly. It may mean some disadvantage to them however that their latest turning was canceled, like this their last decisive match then his fortnight it was played.
We entered for a new road this year, we started building up a new team and we were playing already meanwhile the first class quasi some well-established vanguard of his, but there was not him between them like that, who would have been able to defeat us.
We stepped out of the nice losing line, everything playful consisted of his injury quasi though meanwhile, we wait for his deciding day baldy and with healthy self-confidence so. We keep a training toning up on a Tuesday yet, the most important match of the season until now follows on a Wednesday then.
Entered for the Budapest Cup players:




Kovacsics Miklós Nagy Szilveszter
kovacsics-miklos-150300-1989.03.11.jpg nagy-sziveszter-307794-1977.03.18.jpg



Csatári András Lakatos László Nagy Csaba
csatari-andras-103253-1991.04.21.jpg lakatos-laszlo-116772-1982.09.14.jpg nagy-csaba-201969-1988.11.10.jpg
Németh András Rimay Benjamin Zorigt Batjin
nemeth-andras-159521-1979.01.10.jpg rimay-benjamin-133777-1990.12.29.jpg zorigt-batjin-246916-1986.05.03.jpg


Juhász Dániel Paholics Máté Seyedali Seyed
juhasz-daniel-186486-1990.06.22.jpg paholics-mate-370436-1988.10.27.jpg seyedali-seyed-sadr-357646-1985.03.26.jpg
Ubránkovics Ádám Visegrádi Bence
ubrankovics-adam-108174-1989.05.28.jpg visegradi-bence-168765-1985.12.05..jpg


Bágya Attila Dollinger Gyula Eke Máté
bagya-attila-179577-1988.09.27.jpg dollinger-gyula-321858-1990.10.04..jpg eke-mate-laszlo-196226-1991.08.27.jpg
Kiener Tamás Virok Viktor
kiener-tamas-238820-1986.10.11..jpg virok-viktor-126227-1988.01.26..jpg





Our results

Budapest Cup

 27.april 2011.wednesday  17:00

 XXI. Budapest Csepel, Béke tér

Csepel stadium

Ticket price : 500 ft.  / 2 Euro /



 Their results 


ARK 0 : 5 Voyage

T.bálint 0: 6 Voyage

Voyage 5 : 0 KISE

Újbuda 0 : 1 Voyage

III. Ker. 3 : 3 Voyage

Penalty kicks  8 : 9




toth-vencel-1625-1978.03.24.jpg farkas-tibor-3241-1983.01.05.jpg berettyan-peter-813-1984-qxy.jpg

1. ass.:

Jr. Tóth Vencel


Farkas Tibor

2. ass. :

Berettyán Péter



FFC 3 : 0 Art Corner

FFC 1 : 1 N.tétény

FFC 3 : 0 R.S.C.

FFC 5 : 0 BEAC

FFC 2 : 0 MTE

FFC 2 : 1 B.tétény














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